Pictures of the Swabian Alps

The Swabian Alps or Swabian Mountains, which are called the "Schwäbische Alb" in German, are situated in the south-west of Germany. More exact in the "Bundesland" (equivalent to a state in the US) Baden-Württemberg, south of the state capitol Stuttgart. The Swabian Moutains are about 220 km (~135 miles) wide and 70 km (~45 miles) broad with a height of ca. 450 m (~1480 ft) to 1000 m (~3280 ft) above sea level. The mountains emerged in the Jura period and consist mostly of limestone (chalk) which can easily be determined by looking at the very white rock. This is also the reason for the very calcareous water in this region and therefore the specific flora which is adjusted to these conditions.
Below you can see some pictures taken at the south margin (also called "foot" (Fuß) ) of the Swabian Mountains